Styte Products

Our procucts are all based on one single key technology: It's called „Styte Open Portal Framework“.
This technology is being developed for over three years. Because we always throw away outdated parts of the code and replacing it by new, fresh modules, our system doesn't get older but just better. The system is based on Apache, PHP5, Sql-enabled databases and various software modules.

  • Supported media:
    • pictures: GIF, JPEG, PNG
    • office-Documents: Word, Excel, PDF, etc.
    • multimedia: Flash, QuickTime, WindowsMedia, MP3
    • output formats: HTML, JPG, PNG, Flash, PDF
  • advanced template mechanism (to seperate design from functionality)
  • automatic generation of thumbnails
  • generation of shockwave and pdf documents depending on database contents (on the fly generation)
  • import/export formats: XML, CSV, etc.
  • backend (administration interface)
    • deadly easy to use
    • compatible with any modern web browser
    • database abstraction: our application is able to talk to MySql, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sybase, etc.
    • extensions: thanks to the modular and clean structure of our application the system can be extended very fast and easy.
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